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When a default occurs or a bankruptcy proceeding is instigated, it is imperative that secured and unsecured creditors seek tactical guidance from experienced attorneys to protect their interests. At the Law Offices of Frank J. Wright, we provide highly-specialized creditor representation, focused on designing results-driven strategies. Our national reputation and unique approach enable us to provide businesses, lenders, banks, fiduciaries, and others with thoughtful legal advice in complex bankruptcies, out-of-court restructurings, and workouts. Allow us to assess the alternatives and create a financially pragmatic approach to maximize your recovery. Our counsel extends to a broad spectrum of situations including:

  • Pre-Petition Advice and Planning
  • Bankruptcy Avoidance Negotiations
  • Defense of Cash Collateral
  • Post-Petition Financing
  • Pursuit of Motions for Relief
  • Appointment of Trustees
  • Creditor Committee Representation
  • Opposition to Plan Confirmation
  • Proposal of a Creditor’s Plan

Our Approach

At the Law Offices of Frank J. Wright, we take uncommon pride in protecting our clients’ interests, securing collateral, and pursuing nuanced solutions. Our efficient and effective counsel has resulted in successful creditor representation for clients across industries, including real estate, finance, construction, hospitality, oil and gas, healthcare, transportation, and many other specialty fields.